Jack Bryant Sr.


(American 1929~2012)

Jack Bryant Sr. was a Fort Worth icon. If we just had nickel for every person that has come into the gallery with a
Jack Bryant story, we'd only be open two days a week. In the 14 years we've been open, we've probably bought and sold over
200 pieces of his work. Although he would have to be classified as a "regional artist," his work is nationally known.

Very few artists were as beloved has Jack Bryant Sr. He was one of those Texas characters that this Texas seems to breed. He
was a true Renaissance Man too. He made furniture, knives, and jewelry in addition to paintings and bronzes. He also
sculpted amazing figures from wood.

What many people would have never guessed was that Jack was functionally illiterate. He could neither read nor write
beyond his name. And yet he was a truly gifted artist in every aspect. His paintings and bronzes capture the true meaning
of western culture. And while most of his work was of a serious nature, some of it was very whimsical and meant to illicite
fun and folly.
The city of Fort Worth commissioned Jack to do several bronzes in life size. One of his most famous, "Midnight"
sits in front of the Amon Carter Exhibit Hall.

Our collection of Jack Bryant's work is contantly changing. If you would like to see what is available, you can come by the
gallery, of we can send you pictures of the pieces we have in stock.


"Midnight" by Jack Bryant Sr.
Amon G. Carter Exhibit Hall
Fort Worth, TX

Original Art

Original art is available by coming in or inquiring by calling 817-624-4242

Art By Jack Bryant Sr. is constantly changing. To see what is available today, please give us a call or come in.

"Midnight Run" 24X36 Oil on Canvas "Autumn Landscape" 16X20 Oil on Canvas
"Peaceful Afternoon" 24X36 Oil on Canvas
16X20 Oil on Board


"Sunrise in the Spring" 24X36 Oil on Canvas

"Help on the Way" by Jack Bryant Sr. 42W X 20D X 25L

This is the largest table top bronze we've ever had by Jack Sr.

"Horse and Rider" by Jack Bryant Sr. 24X36 Oil on Canvas